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Due to the lack of sold masternodes, the project will be no longer supported by our team. We are officially selling the whole thing - software, website, hosting and 500 000 QTX for a one time payment of 1 BTC. For more information - office@quantix-coin.online.

Regards, The Quantix team

Check out the features of this amazing project:

Fast Transactions

Almost instant payments, no more waiting...

Big masternode rewards

90% of block rewards goes to masternode holders.

Bonus rewards weekly

Every week the premine is redistributed to the active masternodes!

Incredible ROI

Return of investment is faster than any other masternode network in use!

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The quantix network is available for all platforms!


The bright future of this project. Great things up and comming:

The project aims at fast development and constant improving of the product. We plan to roll out custom wallets for android and iOS to ensure the privacy and comfort of the people joining the network. Gradual listing on existing exchanges will ensure stability of the market and stable prices of the QTX coins.

The Team

John Kawalski

Chief Executive Officer

Leyla Farrow

Marketing & PR Head

Maria Piercher

Software Engeneering


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